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Michael Blessing
CD cover of Michael Blessing's A Redeemable Outcome
"A Redeemable Outcome"

All songs written and arranged
by Michael Blessing
Chart Copiest: Ann Tappan
Produced by Michael Blessing.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
by Michael Blessing at
The Garage, Reese Creek,
Graphics and Design:
Brian Kopper and Julie Norris
at Ojo Productions,
Missoula, Montana

Kristen Wells/Michael Blessing
CD Cover for Kristen Wells and Michael Blessing
"Long Time Coming"
Desert Train

Kristen Wells: lead vocals,
background vocals
Craig Hall: acoustic and
electric guitars, mandolin
John Wilson: piano, B-3, rhodes
Geno Kreiss: bass
Rob Kohler: bass
Kenny Williams: standup bass
Rick Winking: accoustic guitar
Michael Blessing: programming, keyboards, bass, drums and
Background Vocals: Kate Bryan,
Sandy Griffith, Doug Longenecker, Cherie Newman, Pati Sheets,
Annie Stocking, Jeanie Tracy,
Kristen Wells, Susan Wells and
Michael Blessing

This World
CD Cover for the trio This World
"This World"
The Maze

Lee Kohler: vocals, piano,
keyboard, guitar
Rob Kohler: bass, guitar,
Drums and percussion:
Michael Blessing
Chant: Bobcat Singers

`Vu Ja De'
CD Cover for Vu Ja De
"`Vu Ja De'"
Wheel Of Wonder

Doug Longenecker: vocals,
acoustic guitar, piano
Geno Kreis, bass
Scott Morales: piano,
B-3 Hammond Organ
Bryce Jarrett: electric guitars
Duke Sharp. accordion
Michael Blessing: drums,



Please read Musicians and Credits in the above panels for information about Michael Blessing's involvement with each recording.