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John Floridis

"In This Place"
In This Place
John Floridis

"Part of the Picture"
Dance At The Rascal Fair

John Floridis: vocals, guitar,
Cory Heydon: harmony vocalsBeth Bramhall-Floridis: piano Laurence Duncan: sax

Brian Oppel: drums
Mike Fremol: upright bass

Featured Musicians: Jenn Adams,
Tom Bensen, Janet Haarvig,
Susan Israel, Brian Kopper,
Beth youngblood-Peterson


All songs written and arranged by
John Floridis
Produced by John Floridis

Recorded and Engineered by
Michael Blessing at The Garage,
Reese Creek, Montana and by
Rick Kuschel at the
Recording Center,
Missoula, Montana

Mixing and Mastering,
Michael Blessing
at The Garage,
Reese Creek Montana.

Graphic Design by Brian Kopper

Photography by
Beth Bramhall-Floridis

John Floridis

"the dance of apollo"
Fear No Funk

John Floridis: guitar


Produced by John Floridis.

Recording, mixing and mastering by Michael Blessing at The Garage,
Reese Creek, Montana

Graphic Design by Ojo Productions, Missoula, Montana

Ron Meissner

"Initial Exposure"

Ron Meissner: guitars and bass
Pete Hand: bass
Ryan Vetos: drums
Richard Ostheimer: drums, congas
Mark Dixon, congas,

Jim Rogers: piano and organ
Chuck Florence: flute and sax
Paul Phillips: sax
Eric Hitchins: trumpet

Mike Milch: trumpet
Jennifer Slayden: cello
Vic Stampley: harmonica


Produced by Ron Meissner.

Tunes 1-6 and 10 written by Ron Meissner. Unit Seven written by
Sam Jones. Bloomdido written by
Charlie Parker

Recorded by Ron Meissner
at his home in Missoula, Montana.

Mixedand Mastered by
Michael Blessing at Skyline Studio, Bozeman, Montana.

Cover Graphics by
Amimaltown Studios