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Ann Tappan: piano, voice

Craig Hall: acoustic and
electric guitars, synthesizer, voice

Bryce Jarret: bass

Michael BLessing: drums,
percussion, synthesizer


May, Davis Creek Divide were written by Craig Hall

Maybe Now written by
Ann Tappan and Craig Hall

Waterproof was written by
Bryce Jarret and Ann Tappan

Produced bySpringhill

Mixed and Mastered by
Michael Blessing at The Garage, Reece Creek, Montana

Cover image by Jerome Rankin

Layout by Cheri Newman


"two for joy"
Moon In Ricany

Ann Tappan: piano

Craig Hall: guitars

Chad Langford: bass

Brad Edwards drums and percussion



Moon in Ricany, For Alice were
written by Ann Tappan

Travelogue was written by
Chad Langford

Dark Dance was written
by Craig Hall

Produced by Springhill

Recorded at Ann's House in 2004
by Brad Edwards

Mixed and Mastered by:
Michael Blessing

Graphics and Photography
by Steve Winslow • Winslow Studio

MJ Williams

"I Can Hear Your Heart"
I Can Hear Your Heart

MJ Williams: vocals

Ann Tappan: piano

Kelly Roberty: bass





I Can Hear Your Heart was written
by Kelly Roberty

Yesterdays was written
by Otto Harbach
and Jerome Kern

Not Quite Yet was written by
Ann Tappan
Lyrics by MJ Williams

Produced by MJ Williams

Recording: by Michael Blessing
at The Garage, Reese Creek, Montana

Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco, at OTR Studios, Belmont, California

Graphic Design: Michael Jorgensen

Photography: J. M. Cooper


"Dancing to the Edge"

Ann Tappan: piano

Kelly Roberty: Bass

Vocals: MJ Williams

Drums: Brad Edwards




Hermitage was written by Pat Metheny
and Lyrics by MJ Williams
For No One: music by
John Lennon, lyrics by
Paul McCartney
Sometime Ago by
Sergio Mihaovich
Firefly: music and lyrics
by Stephanie Bruce

Produced by
Tappan • Roberty • Williams

Recording by Michael Blessing at
Ann Tappan's House in
Manhattan, Montana

Mixed and Mastered
by Michael Blessing at his home in Bozeman, Montana.

Photography and Graphics
by Steve Winslow
Winslow Studio