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Audio Recording Equipment List

Here is a compilation of all the audio and recording equipment I've used in producing over 150
CD/Albums, award winning video and film soundtracks, commercials and PSA's.

The spectrum of equipment that is listed here reflects a beginning in the 1980's thru 2009. I still do
audio work for clients, but on a much smaller scale now. Gone are the days of reel to reel tape and cassettes.
I work with a handful of micerophones, a Mac desktop computer and recording software for recording, mixing
and mastering.

Studio Microphone
B & K 4003 HV Omni
Neumann TLM 103
AKG 414
Groove Tube GT50
Neuman KM 184
Brauner VMA VM1
Neuman U-87
Neumann M147
RODE Classic Tube
Shure KSM-32
Audio Technica 4033
Fostex M88RP Ribbon
AKG 451
AKG 460
AKG C1000
Shure SM81
Beyer Dynamic M160
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser 421
Shure 520 DX
Shure Beta 52
Neumann KM184
Shure Beta 87A
Shure Beta 58A
Shure SM57
AKG D112
Shure (Elvis) mic
Shure SM59
Crown PZM
AKG Perception 200
Microphone Preamp
Millinea Media HV-3 pre
Focusrite ISA 110 pre-eq
API 3124 mic-pre
NEVE 33114 pre-eq
ORAM pre-eq
Drawmer 1960 pre-comp
Peavey tube mic-pre
Demeter VTMP-2
Urei 1176 Black Face
Urei 1176 Silver Stereo
Urei LA22
Manley Vari-MU
GT cl1s Compressor
Urei LA-4
Valley People Modular
Drawmer 1969
ADL 1000 (LA-2A)
Millennia Media NSEQ-2
API 550b
Manley Pultec EQ
APHEX Aural Exciter
Focusrite ISA 110 pre-eq

ORAM pre-eq

Neve 33114 pre-eq
Manley Pultec eq
Ashley stereo 31 band
Drawmer 1961 tube eq
Klark Technique dn 410
Orban 622 para-eq
Mixing Consoles
Fostex 350 4trk cassette
Fostex 16 channel mixer
Peavey AMR 2400
D & R Triton 128 ch.
Ramsa AD81
Tascam mixer
Musical Instruments
DW Drums
LP Congas
LP Bongos
Hammond B3 organ
Hammond Leslie Speaker
Yamaha C5 piano
Fender Jazz bass
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
EMU Proteus 2500
Roland XV 5080
Yamaha EXR5
Casio CZ 5000
Prophet 5
Roland JX-3P
Roland D50
Roland D70
Kurzweil 2600X
Yamaha DX7
Roland Super JX-10
Casio CZ1000
Korg ES1 Drum Machine
Roland TR707 Drum Machine
Roland TR505 Drum Machine
Roland TR606 Drum Machine
Yamaha TX816
Alesis D4
Korg EX8000
Fender Champ guitar amp
Effects Processing
Lexicon 960L
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 81
Lexicon PCM 91
Lexicon PCM 42
Ensoniq DP4
Yamaha SPX 1000
Yamaha Rev 7
Roland SDE 1000 delay
Roland SDE 3000 delay
Roland SRV 2000
Ibanez SDR 1000
Eventide 3000H
Alesis Midiverb
Lexicon LXP-1
Line6 Studio Pod
Peavey Valverb tube tremolo
APHEX Exciter
Korg SDD 3000
Studio Speakers / Amplification
Tannoy 8in coaxial
Aura Tone
Fostex 6in coaxial
Yamaha NS10
Martin Logan
Mackie HR824 active
Krell KAV240 amp
Recording Mediums and Platforms
Fostex 4 track cassette
Teac 4trk Reel to Reel
Fostex R8 professional
Otari 2-4trk half inch reel
Fostex 8trk Semi-pro
Tascam half in. 8trk.
Teac DAT
Alesis Masterlink
fostex 4050 synchronizer
Apogee PSX100
Alesis ADAT 1st ed.
Alesis ADAT 2st ed.
Alesis ADAT 3rd ed.
Alesis BRC
Dolby SRA noise reduct.
Mac SE Midi Sequencing
Mac IIfx Digital recorder
Mac G3 Digital recorder
Mac G5 Digital recorder
Presonus firepod
Furman Power Conditioner
Rane Headphone Amp
Whirlwind Direct Box
Digi Design Sampelcell
Apple Logic Pro
MOTU Performer
MOTU Performer
WAVES Processing
WAVES Processing
Apple Logic Pro
Apple Logic Pro
Apple Logic Pro
WAVES Processing
Apple Logic Pro
Apple Logic Pro
WAVES Processing
WAVES Processing
Apple Logic Pro
WAVES Processing
Sony DAT Recorder