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I began teaching private music in the fall of 1980 and with each new student I have had, I've had the privilege of learning as much from them as hopefully they did from me. I have improved my own skills as a private music teacher, but my teaching philosophy has remained essentially the same for nearly 30 years. I believe it's important to focus on the gifts and strengths that reside within each student as well as challenge them in technique and philosophy. enjoy seeing how these aspects provide unique and fascinating opportunities for each student's individual journey as a musician.

My job as an educator is to get each student to notice these aspects within themselves; to notice how each part is crucial to the experience as a whole in music performance and artistry. Most importantly, having them discover that one's own point of view is the key factor that will either hold them back or propel them forward in discovering their own endless tap for learning.

I believe the challenges in life are what give each of us the greater rewards in anything we set out to do or accomplish.

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